Global Trade & Logistics is part of a statewide organization that assists California’s small businesses in their efforts to advance their global competitiveness. Free trade agreements such as NAFTA and South Korea only reinforce the effects of globalization. This opens the door to all businesses to achieve global competitiveness.

Global Trade & Logistics provides training, technical assistance, and educational services in international trade and business that contribute to a highly skilled and productive workforce to help California’s business owners, importers, exporters and staff improve their ability to trade and expand their international trade knowledge.

Advancements in telecommunications, transportation, and other technologies have significantly expanded the influence of international markets on the modern business environment.

With 95% of the world’s consumers living outside the United States, more California businesses choose to export their products to foreign markets as their strategy to boost sales while others import products from abroad to cut costs. Other benefits are less obvious, but are perhaps just as important. This might include acquisition of new resources, discovery of new markets, or improved efficiency in the production process.

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